1950’s Love

Hair, makeup, clothing, I love everything about the 50’s!  And I really want to do a 50’s photo shoot.  I love how much more sophisticated women then dressed.   They looked so put together, even as housewives who were busy, busy, busy!  It’s a far cry from today’s style of jeans and t-shirts and sweats for running errands and doing chores.  Call me silly, but I like the idea of doing housework in a dress!  Women styled their hair so beautifully and their makeup was flawless.  I think this year is the year I change things up a bit and go for a more feminine, glam look.  So, here are some pictures I love and videos for some really great hair and makeup tutorials I found online.  I can’t wait to try the pin curl hairstyle!



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  1. Chance

    These hairstyles will look stunning on you, Beautiful! Also, there is something to be said for maintaining outer appearance (as long as that’s not a person’s main focus). Feeling good outwardly, whether it’s style, hair, etc is empowering and makes a person feel good inside, thus leading to more positive and fruitful endeavors and results. Great article, SarahSmile! 😉

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